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* Benchmarking the Research Productivity of Accounting Doctorates - forthcoming Issues in Accounting Education

* What Happened to the Class of Year 2000: Examining Their Research and Employment Records - Advances in Accounting, 2011

* A Longitudinal Study of the Research Productivity of Graduates of Accounting Doctoral Programs - Advances in Accounting, 2011

* Pitsfalls of Using Citation Indices for Making Academic Accounting Promotion, Tenure, Teaching Load, and Merit Pay Decisions - Issues in Accounting Education, 2011

* The Need to Simplify the Tax Treatment of Capital Gains - Tax Notes, September 20, 2010

* A Further Inquiry into the Scholarly Productivity of Academic Accountants: Twenty Years of Evidence from Classes of 1980-82 - Advances in Accounting, 2008

* Prolific Authors of Accounting Literature - Advances in Accounting, 2003

* Research Misconduct in Accounting Literature: A Survey of the Most Prolific Researchers' Actions and Beliefs - Abacus, 2001

* The Effect of Journal Quality on Accounting Faculty Remuneration: Does University Research Emphasis Matter? - Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 2001

* Benchmarks For Evaluating The Research Productivity Of Accounting Faculty - Journal of Accounting Education, 2000

* Assessing Accounting Doctoral Programs by their Graduates' Research Productivity - Advances in Accounting, 1995

* A Report On Gender And Age Of The Accounting Professorate - Accounting Prespectives, 1995

* Chart of Accounting Doctorates

* Listing of Accounting Doctorates by School

* Thirty Years of the Accounting Faculty Directory

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